Sunday, April 10, 2011

Kanye West, POP icon or Living GOD?

Much has been made of the disruptive and ego-centered behavior of Kanye West.  The whole Taylor Swift episode, the baby tantrums that are all over youtube, his breakdown on live television saying President Bush doesn't care about black people (maybe he's got a point) have all been well documented.  Kanye West might be the current Michael Jackson to the Pop world, however are we underestimating Mr. West's True calling?  Is Kanye West our current living and breathing God?
Lately Mr. West can be seen patrolling Noho with his classic Wafers, and diamond studded Versace Jacket.  The other day I saw a fan approach Kanye right on Houston St. screaming, crying, crawling and as Kanye passed her he simply took his hand and placed it ever so gently on her head. She instantly combusted right there in the middle of Manhattan, this twenty-two year-old girl just blew up!  I was quite puzzled by this development but thought, "hey its NY!"
While up to my neck in a Palmolive bubble bath it became incredibly clear that Kanye's powers are not being well documented, and as a blog writer, I need to inform the pop world about what is happening in our backyard! Kanye West may very well be the next coming.  I sat for hours that night and listened ever so closely to each one of Mr. West's wizardly put together tracks, over and over again. I even played some of the songs backwards for any secret messages.  I was blown away with what I found.  In one of  his latest hit single "Monster" Kanye delivers a poetic but puzzling line, "Have you ever had sex with a pharaoh, I put the Pussy in a sarcophagus, now she claiming I bruised her esophagus." Powerful Words at first glance but with a closer look we can see what Kanye is trying to tell us. We can see that Kanye  is asking a women if she has ever had sex with a pharaoh, and the Egyptians believed their pharaohs were living Gods.  So why would Kanye ask this unless he knew he himself was a Pharaoh? This question rang around in my head for hours until it became very apparent that if in fact Kanye is a living God can my human mind comprehend this. If Kanye is in fact a greater power than human beings, then I would never be able to come close to rationalizing his immortal behavior, and at the point of surrender I felt great relief in turing my life, will and understanding over to the care of Mr. West. Kanye West is the living and breathing savior!


Opposite lipstick said...

love it!

Anonymous said...

good analysis =)

Shervin Nassi said...

Thank you we need to spread the turth or else it will die!
Stand tall my friends!

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