Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Over-All Fashion

Super class chick banging out some cute overalls with some radical antique shoes.  The simplicity and her organic cuteness comes together very nicely!

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MODEL Mayhem

   I hit the streets of Nolita patrolling for new hot models and here is what I found. The girl on top has a ruff and tough fairy look going on. She strutted the street with grace and I caught her at the perfect moment. Mr. Cool on the bottom had such a laid back Woody Allen look to him. He basically asked for me to take his photo with that pose.           

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Beauty Fashion

   When we first spotted Kate Erickson on Spring street my first thought was wow she is extremely beautiful, however after getting her information and talking for a little bit it became extremely clear that this girl was so much more than just "good looks". We asked her to tell us a cool quote about her style and here is what she said..."you have to enjoy power, have a certain ruthlessness, to accept the beauty and not mourn the fact that it overshadows everything else. as with any exaggerated trait that sets you apart and makes you exceptional - and enviable, and hateable - to accept your beauty, to accept its effect on others, to play with it, to make the best of it, you're well advised to develop a sense of humor."(from philip roth's american pastoral, page 195) Anyone that quotes a book to explain their sense of fashion is pretty 
f-in cool , but when we told her we thought so she said "I am way too much of a nerd to ever explicitly consider myself one of the cool kids. Kate also quoted Frank O'hara, saying "now i am quietly waiting for the catastrophe of my personality to seem beautiful again, and interesting, and modern."
   We spotted Kate wearing a beanie (from the men's section of urban outfitters), ellis faas milky lips L205 (from space NK on greene street), an alexander wang silk charmeuse tank dress (from flagship store), a norwegian pewter ring (from the shop @ scandinavia house),a sterling silver ring (bought in the sixth grade from the minneapolis institute of art), bica cheia leather satchel (gift), and allsaints new military boots (from the store in Soho). 
   I'm really loving learning about the fashion and the people on Spring St. 

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It's Curl Crave Time

Curl Crave 

"Everything You Need to Know About What This CURLY head CRAVES"

   Oh-my-hurricane!!!! I wanna take a minute to thank my hommie 
G-O-D for protecting all my loved ones, and I'm sorry to everyone who got hit with it. I gotta admit... in the heat of all the madness I realized that I'm not ready to die. I have SO much to do! If you haven't heard already, Queen B (aka Beyonce) is pregnant. Not only did that woman kill it on Sunday night at the MTV VMA's but she also managed to look AMAZING with a baby bump! Now, I'm not saying that I need to get knocked up anytime soon(definitely gotta put a ring on it first)..but one thing I gotta do before I die is get knocked up. What about you? What's one thing you GOTTA do before you die?
   Moving right along, I want to share with you all my fashion icon of the week SKY FERREIRA. Not only can this girl sing her heart out, she is also a model and an actress (WORK IT!). Ferreira is of Portuguese, Brazilian and Native American descent, so she is one hell of a good lookin mix. Her style reminds me of Drew Barrymoore in Poison Ivy and Alicia Silverstone in The Crush. To get her look try matching long prairie dresses with sharp vintage jewelry or a 70s-inspired mini dress with large gold hoop earrings, some lace socks, and platform heels. 
            ^Sky Ferreira looking SEXY in ELLE Magazine
   Another new obsession of mine is the movie BOOT CAMP, I watched this movie last night and it was SOOOO intense. The movie is about a group of at-risk teens who are sent to a "rehabilitation program" on Fiji, what they are really sent to is a prison-like camp where kids are abused and brainwashed. This movie is MEGA. If you think you have it bad, I challenge you to watch this movie and see if you still feel that way.
  I know you all wish I would go on forever, but that is all for today. 



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Monday, August 29, 2011

Black Mamba Fashion

"They refer to my walk and my legs as a mamba snake attack, deliberate and seductive... I don't care what they really say, I just walk by them and love hearing them talk about me." -Tracy Lera

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Thompson St Re-DikulousNESS

Tanner Shea rocking hard with a hat from Keith Haring for Pat Field. The tank was American Apparel, the jeans were Ksubi, and the shoes were Kris Van Assche. While that big old hobo bag was something from Opening Ceremony. "The luuk that day all came from the hat actually. It was "I need a hat cause I do not have time to wash my hurr, check outta this cheap Conneticut motel room, drive to the city, AND be all fancy." So it actually made my day that you took my pic. I thought, "Maybe I pulled this off better than I thought..." Yes Mr. Shea you definitely did!

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Sunday, August 28, 2011

CowGirl In SOHO Fashion

"Okay, well i guess i would say i'm pretty simple - I like solid, neutral colors- mostly black. whatever it is, it has to be badass and classy at the same time."- Courtney Danielle Mutchler
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BUTCH Red Fashion

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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Irene= NY Madness

 Even though Irene tried really hard to ruin our weekend, it couldn't hold us down no matter how hard the wind plans on blowing! We still made it outside to find this chick running around getting ready to board up her house in the Lower East Side.  BTW we saw "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo," everyone needs to go and see this right now! Its on netflix instant! plans for tonight= Mangos, tea and more movies!

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Hurricane PHOTOS of the DAY

The Hurricane is coming and Me and Charlotte are taking shelter in Park Slope. We have stocked up on so much food and classic movies and we're not going to let the weather get us down. Guacamole, pasta, burritos, and salad are the menu for dinner, and True Romance and Rear Window are on the Netflix Que. We hope all of our followers are safe and we want to hear what you have planned for the hurricane weekend. It really isn't cute outside so for the FIRST time ever we looked at some blogs that we love and picked out 4 of our favorite photos. ( +

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Red Locks of Joy Fashion

   Long hair is totally in and so is Justine Lydia Deitz. Spotted her Red locks on Elizabeth St. wearing a Pins and Needles top, H&M skirt and shirt, an Urban outfitters UK bag, Rayban glasses and Jonak oxford shoes. The necklace is from accessorize, the ring was a gift. "With this outfit, i kinda wanted to mix both my endless love for the preppy "London girl" look and for NYCs lower east side rock'n'roll sense of style. Imagine Alexa Chung at a Mötley Crüe gig, that's usually the kind of mix i try to get when i dress in the morning! And i have to say, having lived in Paris and London, i can honestly say that New 
York is still my fashion religion. Nothin better that the City!"

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Hipsters on Mott St.

I was taking photos of her and her friend the other day, and her mother, standing in the background was damn near ready to collapse! "WHY are you taking pictures of my girls? WHO ARE YOU!"  I think they are from Virginia or something, so there probably aren't use to people standing on the streets asking them to be photographed. Welcome to NEW YORK lady!

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Men on Crosby St

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Donnie Darko Edition Round II

I was chasing this guy down in Nolita and once I caught up to him I realized it was James Parker III from last weeks Donnie Darko edition. So making his 2nd appearance on the blog James has that ragged but put together fashion that I am obviously drawn to.  We got to talking about a short film idea I have for the web series "Fashion 2 Die 4." (If you guys want to see part I + II just click the video tab on the top left corner) Hoping we can get that in!

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Men's Fashion Hour

"If I had to wake up every morning in an apartment filled with rodents and go to a job I hate, fuck a girl I couldn't stand,  I would still want to look good!"

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Back-Ally Trash Fashion

Phoebe Pritchette is slamming a Salem shirt from her local salvation army in Bed stuy. "I think it's funny because I love the band salem so it's my unofficial band tee." The shorts are from American Apparel and so are the tights. Boots are frye. And most importantly- the choker is from claires circa 2000. Rediscovered at her parents house. "My friend said my look was "summer tween goth" or "twilight casual!"

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mercer St. Fashion

  Gabrielle is in a Black chiffon shirt from American Apparel, Alexander Wang pants, Alexander Wang Creeper boots. She got both of her necklaces from her parents. The gold one with her initial on the pendant is from her mother & the rosary beads were given to Gabrielle by her father who had them blessed in Ghana by a priest. "I would usually describe my style as a hybrid of a minimalist with a twist of funkiness such as my rosary beads which I wear everyday along with my plum lipstick. But I enjoy wearing a lot of neutral colors & blacks and some prints once in a blue. today I am in a fun mood, hence the funky printed Alexander wang pants which I paired with a black shirt of course." 

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Curl Crave is back

Curl Crave 

"Everything You Need to Know About What This CURLY head CRAVES"

Curl Crave is back... and So is Charlotte Cutler!! Just in case all of you didn't know I put a lot of time and sweat into Shervin's World and because of it's cute blog title I am often thrown to the waist side and don't get the credit I deserve. That is about to change though because.. I AM Shervin's World and I am as much a part of this blog as he is. Now, just in case you forget that it is as much my blog as it is Shervin's blog, I am going to have a special post dedicated to me and my thoughts every Tuesday morning. Today I want to talk about those feather extensions all the girls are wearing. Although roosters are being raised by the thousands in battery-cage warehouses, slaughtered and destroyed, merely for a few feathers from each bird’s body, I think they look SO good in  people's hair! I do think feathers look better when they're clipped into your hair though, because once they're glued to your head you have to shower with them and there is nothing worse then the look of wet feathers in your hair. I recommend that you wrap them in saran wrap before going in the shower. Another thing to talk about is girls dying their hair "rihanna red". Please stop! Rihanna is a multi millionaire.. she could get a tattoo of Charlie Sheen on her neck and it would be cool. For everyone else it just doesn't work, so stop.
  If you haven't already you must see the movie She-Devil. Roseanne stars as Ruth, a wife and mother who tries to please her husband, but finds it hard because she is fat. When her husband begins an affair with a strikingly beautiful romance novelist, Ruth goes berserk and demands revenge. When he leaves her for good, Ruth devises a list of evil tasks to make her husband pay. The movie is outrageous and this week because I quit smoking, (its been 7 days)I've really been acting as ridiculous as the main character. Just watch the a preview of the movie on youtube and you'll know what I mean.   
  I think now is a good time to talk about the plans for the week. Besides photographing people on the street, Shervin and I have photoshoots set up with a different NY local celebrity every day this week. I am planning on becoming a member of a public library (does anyone recommend a library?) and Shervin just joined THE Sports Club/LA on 61st and 1st and is LOVING it, he is playing a lot of basketball so his body is looking really delicious. YUM . There is so much to say, but I think I'll stop for now.

Get ready people. I'm back...and this is just the beginning. 



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Monday, August 22, 2011

Asian Princess on Bond Street

Spotted this cutie on Bond St. and whether she knows it or not she is right on target with her fashion. The "school girl" look is really IN this fall... so be sure to try this look for yourself. We all gotta keep up!

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NoLita Class Fashion

Sensitive class has been completely under rated this past season but this lady is bringing it back! On the streets of NoLita she walks with such quite confidence. 

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Prince St. Fashion

Met this cool cat on Prince St. and it was quite fitting. Not only was this guy a prince, he made all of his own clothes. I died for his amazing shirt! This guy has so much talent and won't stop no matter what. We need more people like him in the world, Shervin's World! 

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Thompson St Fashion

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Don't cross this guy because he will tatt you up! Speaking of Tattooing, I recently saw this new movie at Angelica called BellFlower and let me tell you if you want to see 90210 on acid head over to the theaters right now! This trailer trash crew will have you twisted. But the reason I brought up this movie and this guys is because he is a tattoo artist and in BellFlower this girl gets mad at her ex-boyfrien's so she knocks him out and sells her body to this tattoo artist so the artist will tatt up the ex-boyfriends face! DRAMA!! Go check out this movie and then get a tattoo from this dude!

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