Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Curl Crave is back

Curl Crave 

"Everything You Need to Know About What This CURLY head CRAVES"

Curl Crave is back... and So is Charlotte Cutler!! Just in case all of you didn't know I put a lot of time and sweat into Shervin's World and because of it's cute blog title I am often thrown to the waist side and don't get the credit I deserve. That is about to change though because.. I AM Shervin's World and I am as much a part of this blog as he is. Now, just in case you forget that it is as much my blog as it is Shervin's blog, I am going to have a special post dedicated to me and my thoughts every Tuesday morning. Today I want to talk about those feather extensions all the girls are wearing. Although roosters are being raised by the thousands in battery-cage warehouses, slaughtered and destroyed, merely for a few feathers from each bird’s body, I think they look SO good in  people's hair! I do think feathers look better when they're clipped into your hair though, because once they're glued to your head you have to shower with them and there is nothing worse then the look of wet feathers in your hair. I recommend that you wrap them in saran wrap before going in the shower. Another thing to talk about is girls dying their hair "rihanna red". Please stop! Rihanna is a multi millionaire.. she could get a tattoo of Charlie Sheen on her neck and it would be cool. For everyone else it just doesn't work, so stop.
  If you haven't already you must see the movie She-Devil. Roseanne stars as Ruth, a wife and mother who tries to please her husband, but finds it hard because she is fat. When her husband begins an affair with a strikingly beautiful romance novelist, Ruth goes berserk and demands revenge. When he leaves her for good, Ruth devises a list of evil tasks to make her husband pay. The movie is outrageous and this week because I quit smoking, (its been 7 days)I've really been acting as ridiculous as the main character. Just watch the a preview of the movie on youtube and you'll know what I mean.   
  I think now is a good time to talk about the plans for the week. Besides photographing people on the street, Shervin and I have photoshoots set up with a different NY local celebrity every day this week. I am planning on becoming a member of a public library (does anyone recommend a library?) and Shervin just joined THE Sports Club/LA on 61st and 1st and is LOVING it, he is playing a lot of basketball so his body is looking really delicious. YUM . There is so much to say, but I think I'll stop for now.

Get ready people. I'm back...and this is just the beginning. 



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Nadine-Alexi said...

Very interesting blog,
I love your pictures! they are amazing!
You've got very good style.


I invite you to my blog Nadine-Alexi.blogspot.com


Anonymous said...

I red your hole post! Very interessting :-)

Charlotte Cutler said...

thank you Nadine-Alexi!!

I will check u out!

Charlotte Cutler said...

Fashion gamble im happy you read the whole thing!

keyke said...

charlotte you are great!
i'm on day 9 by the way, go us!

Style Dilettante said...

You know what? I think this whole quitting smoking thing is empowering you to really speak your mind and stand up for yourself! Good for you! You can do it... I don't even know you but I can already tell - you're a force...!



seezoo said...

keyke! its me SEEZOOO!!!

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