Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Beauty Fashion

   When we first spotted Kate Erickson on Spring street my first thought was wow she is extremely beautiful, however after getting her information and talking for a little bit it became extremely clear that this girl was so much more than just "good looks". We asked her to tell us a cool quote about her style and here is what she said..."you have to enjoy power, have a certain ruthlessness, to accept the beauty and not mourn the fact that it overshadows everything else. as with any exaggerated trait that sets you apart and makes you exceptional - and enviable, and hateable - to accept your beauty, to accept its effect on others, to play with it, to make the best of it, you're well advised to develop a sense of humor."(from philip roth's american pastoral, page 195) Anyone that quotes a book to explain their sense of fashion is pretty 
f-in cool , but when we told her we thought so she said "I am way too much of a nerd to ever explicitly consider myself one of the cool kids. Kate also quoted Frank O'hara, saying "now i am quietly waiting for the catastrophe of my personality to seem beautiful again, and interesting, and modern."
   We spotted Kate wearing a beanie (from the men's section of urban outfitters), ellis faas milky lips L205 (from space NK on greene street), an alexander wang silk charmeuse tank dress (from flagship store), a norwegian pewter ring (from the shop @ scandinavia house),a sterling silver ring (bought in the sixth grade from the minneapolis institute of art), bica cheia leather satchel (gift), and allsaints new military boots (from the store in Soho). 
   I'm really loving learning about the fashion and the people on Spring St. 

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Bad Joan said...

She is gorgeous! Love the beanie!


Roberto Panza said...

very cool..nice pics..


sfiziesfarzimoda.blogspot.com said...

Mi piace il tuo stile. Baci Marcella

Cathy of Eye Cream Reviews said...

Love your out fit dear! Nice posted pics!

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