Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Man Has deep awakening in response to "Kanye West, POP icon or Living GOD?"

Zach Rubenfeld, trusted friend, Kanye West journalist, profound thinker, was so inspired by the latest article on Shervin's World regarding Kanye West's Godliness (which by the way is hitting the international internet market and spreading like wild fire) that Mr. Rubenfeld had this to say about Kanye West...
"I could not agree more with Sherv in regards to the media’s and general public’s failure to acknowledge Kanye’s strikingly godly image. We spend a lot of time ridiculing him for his ego and his lashing out at awards shows, ultimately failing to recognize that at the heart of all these outbursts and indulgences is not a godly complex but a god himself. Below is a chronology of events that sheds some interesting light on Sherv’s perspective:
Phase 1: The Resurrection:
Kanye survives a car accident that should have instantly killed him. You can just look at the pictures of his face after the accident in his video for “Through the Wire,” and get a sense of how insane that car accident really was. He was producing and recording hits before the crash and after it he came back even stronger. With “Through the Wire,” Kanye channels his outer body experience and enlightening transformation through a powerful song of tragedy and triumph. Speaking not only with his jaw wired shut, but also with a second chance at life, fame, fortune, and power, Kanye begins to emerge as the god of pop music, a title that can later be inferred to his reference that Michael Jackson is indeed dead in his song, “All of the Lights.”
Phase 2: Jesus Walks:
The title of the track speaks for itself. Kanye makes two different videos for the powerful song that suggests that Jesus or he in fact still walks amongst the people. When trying to land a recording contract, he would literally jump up on tables in front of record executives and sing and dance to “Jesus Walks.” Watch the two videos if you have not seen both to try and see the light Kanye is trying to depict himself in.
Phase 3: Touch the Sky:
The second track off his sophomore album illustrates how Kanye will stop at nothing in both music and art until he has ascended to a godly throne in the sky. Kanye titled his first tour, “Touch the Sky,” and for the “Glow in the Dark” tour, he would sign off with the song.
Phase 4: The Fall:
“My biggest pain in life is that I will never be able to see myself perform,” is what Kanye told his fans at a VH1 Storytellers performance. With these types of comments, Kanye was not only sharpening his ego and confidence in his craft, but also trying to distance himself from the rest of humanity. Kanye constantly wants to be looked at in a unique light and seems to never shy away from an opportunity to highlight his distinctive talents. In addition, Kanye’s interruption of Taylor Swift at the VMA’s signified a big boost in his overall dooshbag rating, but to Kanye, it represented a moment to speak out about what was wrong with the music and art medium he was helping to transform and rule over.
Phase 5: The Second Coming:
Kanye resurrects his image with the release of arguably the greatest pop album of all time. In the opening track, “Dark Fantasy,” Kanye asks his fans “Can we get much higher?” again referring to reaching some enlightened point of philosophical and artistic transcendence. “Lost in the World,” testifies to Kanye being lost in a world that does not believe in his might, a world that “forces him to turn to stone,” (Runaway Video) and remain stagnant as an artist and musician. The album’s artwork, tracks, and videos relate to God’s creation of the world in some sense; in the beginning God made light and darkness, and following in his footsteps, Kanye crafted an album that is overwhelmingly disturbing and unbelievably beautiful. With lyrics like “Have you ever had sex with a pharaoh, I put the p**sy in a sarcophagus, Now she complaining that I bruise her esophagus,” Kanye describes a dark, twisted, yet beautiful opportunity to have sex with a godly figure who can physically and emotionally overwhelm you. As Sherv suggested in his original posting, the lyric might be suggestive of Kanye’s attempt to equate his powers in the music game to those belonging to a transcendental being.
In retrospect, this posting and level of analysis might appear ridiculous, but at the same time a musician and artist like Kanye deserves some ridiculous attention and scrutiny. Although I love his work and dedication to his craft, I in no way believe that Kanye is a god; however I do think it is important for everyone to start asking themselves whether Kanye’s “ego” is really just a screwed up analysis on all of our parts. An important question we should be asking ourselves is whether Kanye sees himself as someone who is beyond failure and human scrutiny? Is Kanye beyond a realm of human comprehension?"

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Twenty.Something said...

I have to agree with you that Kanye's ego a little 'messed up.' I think that unfortunately this often happens when fame gets to your head... hard for it not too when people are obsessed over you, you know?

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