Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Curl Crave 
"Everything You Need to Know About What This CURLY head CRAVES"

   I love each and every one of you that is reading this! What's up!?! This week I want to talk about relationships. I'm going to give you some tips, tell you a little bit about my relationship, and share with you some of the best and worst dressed couples. Now... I want to start off by saying that my relationship is NOT perfect and it is definitely not sex and smiles every minute. I definitely L-O-V-E my baby though, and in being in a relationship with him for a minute these are the few tips I want to share. Number one and maybe the most important one is LISTEN to what is being said. Many times conflict arises from a miscommunication, so avoid making assumptions about what you hear. For example, if you want to get some booty you shouldn't say, "man it's been such a long day I just want to release some tension", you should say "boy I want some booty!". Just speak up! 
   Another tool that helps is affirming the other person's point of view. There have been SOOO many times where I haven't agreed with my man's point of view, but by acknowledging and validating his feelings it just ends the argument. I'd rather be happy than right today, and at the end of the day, most people just want to be heard. My final piece of advice today is to find out when your weak spots are during the day and make sure you're not around your significant other during those times. For example, I AM A MONSTER in the morning until I get some food. I spent way to many mornings fighting with my man, so now we seperate in the morning until I get something to eat. It has made a HUGE difference. 

 So...Enough of that talk, lets discuss which couples know how to dress in the celebrity world. I would have to say that the sexiest fashion couple is Victoria and David Beckham. When it comes to the number one gay-power-fashionable couple the winner is Marc Jacobs and Lorenzo Martone. The hottest hipster couple is Whitney Port and Jay Lyon and The top dressed hip-hop couple is Beyonce and Jay-Z. Want to get their look?

Victoria and David are just so fucking sexy to begin with. They do an amazing job of complementing one another’s ATTITUDE. They carry similar vibes, NOT similar clothing.

I love Whitney and her new boy toy! These cute little hipsters know how to work the LOOK together. They're hipsters and they know it!  

These two are delicious. They sure know how to embrace the structure of clothing. Tonight was clearly FUR night for the two and they rocked it!    

Beyonce and Jay-Z are just plain fierce. Their looks complete each others rather than compete with. Love them! 

That is all for this week! Keep coming back!!!



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The Rule of Mr Kane said...

love the post!
also big fun of the Becks!!!!!


Sarah Mendelsohn said...

ah love the fashion power couples- especially b + j. great blog. i randomly came across it, but i think i recognize you from somewhere...do you go to pace?

Bad Joan said...

Haha! Moral: speak up when you want some booty.


Clara Turbay said...

I like so much this blog. I hope you can check out mine and follow me if you realluy like.

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