Tuesday, November 29, 2011

CURLS GONE WILD (Video ft. Shervin Nassi)

Curl Crave 
"Everything You Need to Know About What This CURLY head CRAVES"

Today's video is jammed with lots of must see moments. Lets just say Justin Beiber is a Shervin's World fan! My baby, Shervin Nassi, joins me in singing songs and making trouble. You are not going to want to miss Jay-RA! Shervin's World has its haters, but rather than crying about it we laugh it off. 

You don't want miss this one!!!!!



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Sugarplumsara said...

thanks for your comment on my blog!!

new post-->The House of Shoes

aitanareimondez said...

fab! i love it ;)


Stefanie Kuncman said...

cute blog!

<3 steffy

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