Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Chloe Norgaard INterview and PHoto Session Part II

Chloe and I are talking about doing a short art video together which I'm super stocked about! Loving the way these photos came out and just really vibed with with Chloe! Her energy and culture is just awesome and I love her focus and direction! Shes doing big things all around the world so stay posted on her blog and check back for our next up coming project coming hella soon!

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Liquid_Independence said...

Interesting colors. Nice fashion blog.

andrea_chinea said...

Amazing pics dear


Ontomywardrobe said...

love this post!!!
there is a CHANEL GIVEAWAY on my blog!


Bella said...

Fabulous photos! I especially love the first one :)
Happy Holidays!!
Bella xox

Aurelia said...

cool photos... follow each other?

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