Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Street Shoot with Nin Chitadze

After being on Winter Break for a few weeks, I started getting bored with my empty schedule and decided to set up some of my own photo shoots rather than hunt the city for fashionable prey. The first shoot I set up was with Nin Chitadze. Not knowing anything about her, I was instantly taken back by her unique style and timeless beauty when we met in Union Square. It was as if we were traveling back in time as we walked through the east village sharing stories and inspirations. "I think my look is a life experience, knowledge, harmony with yourself and than it turns to an art of putting everything together," Nin gracefully said.
Nin is extremely talented and made her headpiece out of a vintage necklace she found. She described her hair as a playground and said that she loves trying knew things. Nin currently works at Le Grand Strip..BE SURE to check it out and search it on google! 
All I can say is that it was a joy to get to her meet her and I look forward to working with her in the future.

xoxo CC

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Stephanie @ Blonde Highlights said...

Amazing photos! Sounds like it was a great day!

Yourlocalceleb said...

Fantastic photos!

Jess Johnson said...

these photographs are ace. i'd kill for that jumpsuit! x

Zizi Styling said...

Love the photos! Im your new follower.

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helena FIdalgo said...

thesse photos are absolutely stunning!! PLEASE keep posting!
check out my blog if you have a minute, you will be surprised!


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