Sunday, April 8, 2012


Glyn Brown, young and famous, cool kids, hipster kids

Glyn Brown, young and famous, cool kids, hipster kids
As Glyn Brown and I hung out this past friday I was able to see the maturity of this young man and how he's been able to deal with his new success.  Last week I was walking down 8th street and I heard these girls looking at something on their phones. "Oh Jenny he is so cute, and I love how artistic he is." Said one girl, while the other bursted out, "Uch, he is just so amazing, I wish my brother was as cool as him."  And as I walked past them I saw that they were looking at Glyn Brown's instagram. I told them that I knew Glyn and Jenny almost fell off of her seat. I had to walk away because I began to sense that these girls meant business and they were going to go to any length to find out more about Glyn.  This gave me a very clear indication of what exactly has happened to Glyn.  Over the past few months Glyn has started his own clothing line, been on the cover of different magazines, developed an unprecedented fan base for someone who is not on television or in the music scene, but most importantly he is changing the culture of young black kids.  No guns, no drugs, no bitches. Glyn said, "I want to give, I want to grow big and give to my mother, to my friends, I don't get involved in the nonsense, I just want to be happy and make you smile."  
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