Monday, June 11, 2012


I think the most amazing part of the weekend was letting our dog, Pat, run around on the beach. I have never seen her so happy, it was like she was saying, "Thank goodness I'm out of the city, I cant take it any more!" She ran a mile down the beach until she went into the water snatched a foot long branch and came running back to show us what she found. We ended up staying at Charlotte's grandparent's place and sadly enough they didn't allow dogs in there. Everyone is like 100 years old and if you've ever met people from West Hampton you know not to mess with them! So we tried to leave Pat in the car, but she was having non of it. Pat cried for like an hour straight, so we knew we had to get her in before she woke anyone up. So I grabbed a few blankets covered Pat as if she was a baby and brought her right in. We all slept like babies that night, only to be waken by the security guard asking us to leave.

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The Melting Pot said...

Beautiful! My fave is the last one.

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