Monday, October 29, 2012

WINTER FOOTWEAR: Staying Warm and Stylish No Matter what the Condition

Winter Footwear: Staying Warm and Stylish No Matter what the Conditions

If there’s one thing that’s predictable about winter, then it’s the promise of unpredictable weather. From snow to sleet, sunshine to rain – we Brits will endure all sorts of conditions over the next few months. Sadly, that means our feet will too, so say goodbye to your flip-flops and bag away those sandals: it’s time for sturdy, weather resistant and practical footwear. 

Luckily that doesn’t mean the end of your reign as style icon, with a huge array of fun, funky and elegant footwear options available this season. 

Ankle Boots

The ankle boot is pretty much the perfect shoe item for winter. Few footwear trends are stylish, comfortable to wear and as well suited to so many different outfits as this option.

It’s a trend that the celebrities have jumped on and worn with huge critical praise. A-list names that have adopted the ankle boot look include actresses Gwyneth Paltrow and Blake Lively. Ankle boots are great paired with both skinny jeans or tights and a skirt. They are also one of the few winter going out shoes that don’t require you to freeze whilst lining up for a night club. Warm, fluffy socks on a freezing night out? Yes, please!


If there’s one brand of shoe that just about everyone remembers owning, it’s a pair of Converse. They’re affordable, they look good and most importantly they’re exceptionally comfy. 

Converse is a brand that’s associated with everything from urban culture to extreme sports and underground music. So whether you’re kicking back on a skateboard, rocking out to punk bands or running the basketball courts, Converse All Stars are a brand for just about anybody. 

They are also perfect for recreating the fun and funky festival look of the rock star, and are great paired with skinny jeans and leggings. On the music scene, artists like Pharrell Williams and The Strokes lead singer Julian Casablancas are all Converse spokespeople. 


When the weather turns ugly, there’s one shoe style that’s guaranteed to keep your feet warm and dry. Wellies aren’t just the shoe of choice for farmers and those enjoying a leisurely country stroll (though they do work well for both of these occasions). They are the perfect footwear option for commuters, who can sneakily swap their wellies for high heels and court shoes once at work. 

They are also excellent as a fashion item in their own right, with contemporary styles including chic, matte finishes and tailored looks that complement any outfit perfect. 

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