Saturday, December 22, 2012


As I'm getting ready for my trip to Cancun I wanted to leave you all with a few words. First, this past weekend was AMAZING! LOOSE TONY is truly unbelievable, not only are his clothes the new era; he is smart, expansive, and very cool! I want to put the word out that this guy is on his way so watch for him. Oh, and if you missed our party last night... that's on you :( 
 Next I want to talk about what I'm getting into right now.  I know I have been talking about this Animal House video but its honestly almost done (word to Jude).  We are just now deciding when is the perfect time to drop this video. I am stoked to hear what everyone has to say about it!
I am in talks with Aaron Cohen about doing another video.  I made a cameo in his last one- if you haven't checked it out yet WATCH IT
Some other video projects are coming up but nothing to speak aloud about quite yet.
In light of everything that has gone on with Sandy/ The Batman shooting/ the school shooting, I was really feeling the darkness. I was starting to believe the world really was coming to an end.  Like kids dying, is there anything worse? I felt/ feel really angered by this, like G-d whats going on in this world. I see that me being angry isnt going to help anything. I've begun to pray for all the families who have been affected by this tragedy, even for the kid who did this. I've been praying a lot for him.
 I can see that we are really capable of doing anything, and I want to be a positive force in this world, I want to love, and be loved, help and generate harmony and joy. I have definitely faltered, I have hurt people, spoken bad about others, even shunned a few. In this new time I want to be more conscious, more available, more real.

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Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL writing. The last part hits HARD.

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