Sunday, April 3, 2011


The Hipster will now be exposed! Speaking to a lot of high profile model types, fashion executives and low bottom scandalous socialites, the Truth about the hipster epidemic is finally coming out and I am here to shine the light on these blood suckers.  "Hipsters are just ugly people who need to have mustaches and Big glasses to cover their nasty faces." Chalotte Cutler, a model type very tall sex symbol believes the Hipster men and women are frauds to the pure form of fashion.  While another person of the hispanic race who works for Calvin Klein said, "Eh, ew I saw un hipster in de street and I forgive my self but I threw up on his vintage vietnam jacket. The thing is he wasn't upset, he liked it and said to me thank you hombre you just gave the coat more depth!" As we look more closely we can see that both Charlotte and Hombre are frustrated by the lie our society is giving in to.  And what is one to do? Is it true, are hipsters a group of the ugliest people in the world who have come together and created this conspiracy that forces us to grow extended facial hair, wear big hats, organic coats, and bifocal glasses? Or are the hispters the Truth? Are they the ones who carry real depth and weight in their message? My opinion stands with Hombre and Charlotte.... Kill the Hipster ASAP!

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